LaMedichi Savings Clubs

A project of MANAUS

LaMedichi Savings Clubs has distributed over $2 million

Your donation today will go directly to those people in the greatest need!

During the Covid-19 crisis, LaMedichi is providing direct assistance to vulnerable families to pay for rent and other critical needs. This program is unique. It provides immediate help now plus 5% of funds go into the recipient’s personal savings account and they receive free financial literacy education and personalized guidance.

Money is being distributed rapidly and safely via Manaus’s LaMedichi’s Savings Clubs savings app and platform. We have already distributed money to hundreds of families during the pandemic. We have enabled families to save money to protect against emergencies in this way for years.

Thank you for making this possible. It is because of people like you that families will emerge from this crisis with greater financial resilience and redouble their commitment to saving.

LaMedichi is a project of MANAUS, a non-profit fund founded in 2005, which is well-known for promoting equity in our communities. Our deep relationships, infrastructure and easy-to-use financial app uniquely positions us to rapidly respond to people in urgent need.

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