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“Protect tomorrow, save today!”

Trust is our currency

We are on a mission to enable all families to achieve financial security

LaMedichi is a project of Manaus, one of the most trusted non-profit funds for immigrant families in Colorado.

Save money

Protect against emergencies and create the future you dream about

All your information in a secure and easy to use app, available in Spanish, English and Portuguese.

Create the habit of savings

We work closely with adults and youth as they learn to save

We enable people to create the habit of savings by combining the trust of community savings clubs with the security and ease of a mobile app.

Protect against emergencies

Imagine the peace of mind you will have when you save for your family

In case of emergency, we’ll be there for you.

"I save with LaMedichi for my parents... My father works day and night in construction. His hands are rough. His hands have grits. His hands are dry." - LaMedichi Member.

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